Israel Goldstein Youth Village

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Project Details

Magshimim – Autistic Program - An educational Program for low-level functioning, autistic youth. 35 students are provided with a full-range of learning experiences. Whenever possible the students are integrated into Village activities. The Village students also volunteer at the program and this has become a valuable and meaningful experience for everyone. There is a long waiting list for the program and the Village is urgently seeking funds to enable the program to expand.

Lone Soldiers Residence - Almost all the students of the Israel Goldstein Youth Village are inducted into the IDF upon graduating high school. It is very important that each soldier focus on his/her army career without the need to worry about where to sleep or eat whilst on leave. Many of the students are new immigrants, often arriving in Israel without their families. For some of the residents of the Village their family life is extremely difficult. Graduates serving in elite units, have additional commitments which can become overwhelming for a soldier completely alone. Many of our former residents cope very well with the transition from school to army, but for a few, for reasons beyond their control, extra support is urgently needed. We are therefore committed to building a residence for those soldiers that need it.

About Us


The Dr. Israel Goldstein Youth Village established in 1949 to provide a home for holocaust orphans in the heart of Jerusalem, today helps new immigrant teens, as well as economically and socially disadvantaged Israeli-born youth by providing them a safe, nurturing educational community in which to live and learn -- and to reach their potential. The care, support, and opportunities at the Village help to transform the lives of these young people. The Goldstein Youth Village encourages pupils to become creative and independent individuals and to be proud Jews who contribute to and strengthen Israeli society. Open to youth of secular and religious backgrounds, and from many countries, the Village gives its almost 600 students hope for a better future.

For more information, contact:

Judy Segal -
The Dr. Israel Goldstein Youth Village
P.O.Box 117, Jerusalem 91000

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